Commander Tiberius Troubleson is a swift paced action platformer with handcrafted levels and random elements. Fight your way through hordes of creatures using powerful spells, potent skills and loads of bullets.

Discover the secrets of the world of Anarth, explore intriguing landscapes while facing terrible foes.

CTT features permadeath, handmade levels, and random elements to keep things fresh.

CTT’s game loop combines random elements with handcrafted levels to achieve high replay value.

You will came across powerful spells to help you along the way. Every spell you acquire will always be at the tips of your fingers. You can switch and combine them at your pleasure and wreck havoc among your enemies.
As well as spells, you will equip upgrades to increase your firepower.
Improve your bullets and skills as well as many other perks. You can equip up to 4 upgrades at any given time, swapping them and combining them as you like to find the most optimal or most fun way to play.


The idea was to make an action platformer in the vein of Risk of Rain and other games of the genre and inject it with Doom-like speed and dynamism. The driving principle behind CTT was to create a fun, engaging, a little over-the-top and shamelessly cool game.


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I develop this game with lots of help from the internet and my family. The main objective was to make something fun while learning programming skills, I hope you give it a try!